29 May 2013

RefineryCMS 2.x (edge) app generation

RefineryCMS 2.0.0 is still on the edge .. but if you want to try it out, here's how to do that.
This post was originally published 10-Feb-2012.


In your projectspace directory, you'll want it to have its own RVM gemset (mine is called "projects"). The refinerycms app is not rvm-friendly yet; it will do a bundle install at the end of setting everything up, and those gems will be installed in the projectspace gemset, not a new gemset for the new app (which is where they should be installed).

Gen new RefineryCMS 2.0.0 app

$ cd projectspace
$ gem install rails -v'3.2.1'
$ rails new <new app> -m http://www.refinerycms.com/t/edge
That's it. The -m option references an application template. You might be able to add additional refinerycms options on that line (I haven't tried it yet), for example selecting a different database than sqlite3, etc.
There's tons of output (see gist »). Good luck!